Honors page

Thank you to the following businesses and individuals who have made 2016 our best year ever!

We appreciate you!


Gary Wollin and Associates

Northwest Homes-Fred Bergstrom

CalStarr Energy- John Williams

Sierra Park Developement-Les Ellis

Cadorin Construction-Jon Cadorin

Murray Construction

Roger Volf Construction-Mt Shasta Weed Yreka

Cole Engineering- Jacob Cole

Mount Shasta Engineering- Reece Miller

R & S Design- Ryan Johnson

Hi Line Homes- Chad Jacobs

Blackline Concepts- Todd Selk

Chronic Disaster Relief

Sinnott Design Services-Nick Sinnott

Lendman Construction- Nick Lendman

Steve Buttitta

M W Design

Rick Salley

Greg Lindsey

Precision Structural Engineering Inc

Almanor Energy

Bailey Construction-David Bailey

Russell Construction

D W Plumbing-Steve Russell

Huhn Electric- Robert Huhn

Semmingson Architects & T J Ruth

Kinkade Construction

Empire Construction

Build It Green

Epik Homes

Warren Churulich

Wright Builders

Nouvant Homes

Gunner Inc

Raymond’s Heating and Air


Dennis’s Heating and Air

Bohm Enterprises

Waldrich Electric

Dave Camp Construction

Shane Hughes Construction

R & S Design

Bob Moon Heating & Air

Gabriel McKinnon Construction

Gary Bergen Construction

Victor Romero Construction

REALM Engineering

Darrell Elkins Construction

Steve Stratton

DBI- Derek Dailey

Todd Whipple

AWM Construction

Modern Building Systems- Ken Rasmussen

Key & Associates

John Carleton Company

Middendorf Construction

RG Developement

Polar Refrigeration

McClelland Heating & Air

Dan Hays Construction

Tom McCullough

David Lynn Construction

Ruben Terriquez