What is HERS

“Whether you are buying or selling a residential property, or staying in your current home, every Californian should know his or her home Energy Rating.”

The California Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Program provides a reliable way to estimate and compare the energy efficiency of California homes and identify wise energy saving improvements.  HERS compliance can bring you tremendous savings in the years to come.

HERS testing is mandatory in all New homes and Alterations or Additions.  These tests include:  QII (Quality Insulation Inspection, High EER (SEER), Duct Testing, Fan Watt, Air Flow, and IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) .  These inspections are required to allow the homeowner to occupy the home or the area added.  They are not optional and often times require additional charges if more than one HVAC system exists.

Once you know your home energy rating, you will be able to choose smart energy upgrades and investments that will benefit your family now…and generations to come.  You can obtain a free booklet regarding HERS in our office.

What’s the upside of all this?  Besides lowering your energy bills considerably, you can also apply for PG&E incentives.  CAHP or California Advanced Home Partnership (A secondary incentive facilitator) offers great incentive money for upgrades you make on your home.  NSHP or the New Solar Homes Partnership can pay higher incentives, in addition to CAHP,  if you install solar panels on your home and have code compliant upgrades for energy savings.  So you can actually get incentive money if you install good quality equipment and apply for these.  Call us today to find out how you can apply for the CAHP/NSHP programs by contacting our Incentive Facilitator:  Becky White at  530-227-7745   She will be happy to answer your questions and get you on the right track!