Who are we?

A 5 Starr Energy Corporation, in business for more than a decade, caters to any home owner, seller or buyer in need of testing and rating.  We do Manual JDS duct design and calculations, Whole house testing, duct testing, QII, High EER, and other various services that put us above the rest!  NOW ALSO OFFERING NEM INTERCONNECTION APPLICATIONS to connect you to the Grid!!!  We can help  you understand, comply and complete Code requirements.


5 Starr Energy is proud to offer the education and resources to help the public get information about HERS, the CHEERS Existing Home Program, along with EEM’s (Energy Efficiant Mortgage) qualifications, and other energy rebate programs offered through the State of California including CAHP and NSHP!


A quick “WELCOME” to Jonathan Tijerina, our new HERS Rater!  Jonathan will be doing most of our HERS testing soon, concentrating on the Mount Shasta, Weed, Yreka, and Fort Jones areas and surrounding small communities!  Welcome Jonathan!!


Our Senior Officer and CEO,  Adrian Starr, can help you become compliant with CEC Requirements for New Construction and/or HVAC Replacement (TITLE 24); Building Envelope; Existing Home; Solar; Tax Credits and HVAC Modules, CABEC CERTIFIED.   Cert No. CCNAS294166    Adrian is not only our master  Rater, but he is also our new T24 2017 Code Instructor, able help you with any and all questions or concerns you may have in getting your property rated, code complaint and energy efficient.


Tony Reger, one of Redding’s own, comes to our table with much to offer.  He is educated in business management and business services, years of customer service excellence, money management, our “in house” HERS Rater/Consultant and Operations Manager.  Feel free to contact Tony with any and all of your building needs.


In our Oregon office we have the remarkable duo, team members:  Becky White (CAHP/NSHP incentive facilitator) and Tricia Haven our NEM, TAX Credit and Software Specialist.  These two gals have been with us for a few years now and are committed to our clients and the needs they have in applying for incentives, connecting to the grid, receiving tax credit information and applications or, for Contractors, getting the documents and software assistance to complete their own paperwork.  Please see our contacts page if you would like to speak with them and get more information on the areas of their expertise!  They are now local and eager to help you with your project needs.


We would also like to give a  shout out to our amazing support staff that keeps order and sanity to our various offices:  In our Yreka office, Ruth Tijerina keeps books, handles mail, corporation needs, business needs and marketing.  In Redding, we have two courageous gentleman that help with Title 24 in house:  Gary Wobig and Norman Howard.  Also in our Redding office…answering your calls and relaying messages are:  David Carr and Iva Benbrook.  Our extended professional support team members are very important to us:  Richard, James, Micah and Todd.  Thank you all for your hard work, dedication and tireless support!


Please visit our “Contact Us” page to get numbers and emails to our Green Energy Family.  And don’t forget to check the links page on our homepage for of our sister companies!



Call us today for information, an appointment or to answer any of your questions.  Find out why customers are saying “5 Starr Energy is working for YOU!”